University Games

What is Uni Games?

Each year the University of Sydney sends its top men’s and women’s team to each of the major intervarsity tournaments. These week long tournaments are commonly referred to as ‘University Games’.

The Eastern University Games (EUG’s) are held in the mid-year break between NSW Universities. The Australian University Games (AUG’s) are held in the September mid-semester break between the very best University teams across Australia. These teams are selected from the top players in the Club with each team generally being made up of senior representative players.

How can I play at University Games?

Any enrolled University of Sydney student is eligible to represent the university at either Eastern or Australian University Games.

To be eligible for the University of Sydney Basketball team, triallists need to be current registered SUBC club members. Trials for these teams consistently attract 50 + men’s and women’s players with the top 10-12 being selected. Teams will train 1-2 times per week leading up to these events.

Trials for EUG’s are usually held in week 4 and 5 in semester 1 whilst AUG’s trials are usually held in the first few weeks of semester 2.

Sydney University’s Record

The University of Sydney has a proud tradition of success at University Games. The Club consistently produces strong men’s and women’s teams. Since 2011, the girls have won a total of 9 out of 10 possible medals (6 Gold, 3 Silver) and the boys have won 4 out of 10 (1 Silver, 3 Bronze).

University of Sydney Women’s team representatives have included WNBL players, Jaimee Kennedy, Kristen Barnes, Chloe Dalton, and Kathryn Rendell. Former Men’s team representatives include NBL players Kevin White and Tanner Kerry.